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About Us

Our Products

With 30 years of experience in backpacks, accessories and apparel we are your ultimate go-to companion. Whether you’re going to school, taking a day trip, climbing a mountain or just getting by your day-to-day, we’ve got your back. We’ve been there for your first day of school and your first job. We’ve been by your side during multiple adventures, trips and concerts. So no matter where you go or what you do, count on us.

Photo: Inside the Totto Factory, Colombia 2016
2 Photo: Inside the Totto Factory, Colombia 2016

Our Expertise

Our brand is inspired by you and your dynamic lifestyle. We merge fashion and functionality to make products that help you get your stuff from place to place while always staying on trend. Brighten your days with pops of color and fun prints and top it off with organizing pockets or innovative tech features that allow you to be prepared day in and day out for whatever may come. Our designs are made for people, all people, so choose a style and let the fun begin.

Our Story

In 1987, Yonatan Bursztyn, our CEO and President, saw a great opportunity in an almost bankrupt leather factory. He decided to buy it and reignite its business by using canvas to create bags and backpacks. It wasn’t long before TOTTO’s colorful designs became a customer favorite in Colombia, and the brand started expanding all over Latin America and the world. Today our brand is present in more than 40 countries and has over 600 stores worldwide.

Values Values

Our Company

Our company is all about friendship, trust and kindness and we strive to live up to these values within the communities where we are. We want to have a positive impact in people’s lives in more ways than one so we strive to create a culture of commitment with our environment, employees, partners and customers alike. We are passionate about helping others succeed, so we work closely with educational programs and scholarship funds worldwide to help kids get the education they deserve. We wholeheartedly lend a hand for people in need through community development and recovery programs because ultimately, a strong community makes a strong world.

Social Responsibility